Based in rural Cumbria Woodcock and Snipe was formed by a team who are passionate about quality clothing and footwear.
With the pedigree of learning their trade of designing and developing product at some of the UK’s most well-known brands this experience has been used to develop a range made from the finest materials, sourced and manufactured in the UK. 

After finding the right people, partners and manufacturers who are as passionate as we are, our women’s range was launched in October 2014.

Locally made in Cumbria 


When we design our range for the season, we work with our existing suppliers.

When this isn't possible we look throughout the UK to find suppliers and factories with the skills that can deliver the level of quality, produce the goods on time at a price that is fair to all in the supply chain. We only use UK manufacturers, we don’t give the impression like others that goods are made here when in fact they are produced in some far flung corner of the globe. The factories have to have a sound environmental approach and treat their workers with consideration.

We work in partnership with our suppliers and factories in Cumbria, England, Walsall in the West Midlands and Hawick in Scotland.

Highest British Quality 


All our garments and accessories are manufactured using some of the finest materials made in the UK.

Lovat Mill in Scotland supplies the tweed for the jackets and skirts, this quality was first established in the early 1900’s, the trousers are made from fabric produced by Abraham Moon of Guisley and Brooke Taverner in Yorkshire.

Our finest shirt materials come from Acorn Shirting based in Nelson.

The leather in our bags is from Pittards of Yeovil who have been producing leather in their tannery in Somerset since 1826.

Shipped Worldwide 


Our products can be shipped anywhere in the world contact our customer services on +44 1524 782431 to discuss your requirements and they will be winging their way to your doorstep.

Loved all over